Friday, February 12, 2016

Have you seen the Knitbus?

Recently Love Knitting filmed a new ad which I believe will air on TV in the UK. I'm not sure when as I've not seen it on TV yet but you can see the ad on You Tube. The ad features the Knitbus full of cheerful knitters including top designer Debbie Bliss. Click here to watch the Knitbus ad.

I was asked if I would like to contribute a shawl for the ad and the Love Knitting team chose Aria, which is worn by a lady with red hair in the ad. Here's a bad screen shot I managed to get:

Fancy knitting Aria? You can buy the pattern on Love Knitting or Ravelry. The shawl is knitted in one ball of Laceball or 800m/100g of alternative lace weight yarn. Aria has a crescent shape with beads scattered throughout.

Many of my patterns are now for sale on Love Knitting and you can see them all here.

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Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Iona was originally designed for the Easy Lace Club last autumn (the clubs are not running at the moment) but the pattern is now available to you all. A versatile shape which can be worn as a shoulder shawl, scarf or as a shrug. Two buttons converts Iona to a shrug easily. The stitch pattern showcases the beautiful rainbow yarn. 

This is an easy pattern suitable for knitters new to lace knitting. Iona is worked from the top down and starts with a stocking stitch section so you can focus on getting used to the shaping. It then alternates between lace and stocking stitch and ends in a scalloped lace border.

I knitted Iona in Zauberball but any sock yarn which has 400m per 100g skein can be used and you only need one skein. For those who have seen La Manga which I published recently, yes this is the same shape and construction.

Iona is 25% off until 18 February 2016. No coupon code needed.

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Monday, February 08, 2016

The Knitter 94 - Jade

The new issue of The Knitter (issue 94) is out and it's a beautiful issue full of lace and beaded designs. My contribution to this issue is Jade, a modern interpretation of a traditional Shetland hap shawl.

I used a gorgeous yarn called Mabel & Ivy Coast by Tangled Yarn. Coast is a lambswool/cotton blend and is gorgeous to knit with. Perfect for a lighter summer shawl that's still warm.

Jade starts with a simple garter stitch triangle which is worked from the bottom up. Stitches are then picked up along two sides of the triangle and the lace section is worked from the top down.

The Knitter 94 is in the shops in the UK now and you can also buy it as a digital version. Get the details here.

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Friday, February 05, 2016

La Manga

Yesterday I published a new pattern, La Manga which is the first pattern in a new collection. I've been wanting to work on this collection for a while now and I'm so thrilled I finally had time to put my vision into action. When I attend shows and teach workshops, I get a lot of knitters tell me that they love my lace shawls but they don't wear shawls. So I've been working on ideas for simple lace garments that use basic shawl shapes. 

La Manga is easily converted from a scarf or a shawl to a shrug by two cleverly placed buttons. This version is knitted in one 100g skein of sock yarn from Fab Funky Fibres and it fits perfectly on Emily who's a tall size 12 but it also fits me who's a tall size 20. I'm planning to do a Periscope tomorrow morning (Saturday 6th) where I'll be wearing this shrug and I'll do a tutorial on my version of the garter tab cast on. I tried doing this as a Periscope tutorial once before but it wasn't that successful. Now I have a new set up, I'm hoping it'll work better. If you miss the live broadcast, you can watch it on Katch later.

La Manga is 25% off until 18 February - no coupon code needed. Lace Wear Volume 1 is £5 at the moment. Each time a new pattern is published the price will increase by £2. There will be six patterns in total and the final price will be £15. If you're in the EU, your local VAT rate will be added to the purchase price - this is outside of my control and will be paid to your country's government.

I've got a version of La Manga knitted in Zauberball which came back from my sample knitter today. I'll be blocking it later and hopefully get it photographed over the weekend (if it stays dry). Any sock yarn will work for this design, just make sure you have around 400m per 100g skein. I've added miracle beads on the final row. Other types of beads, including seed beads, can be substituted. The beads are added using the crochet hook method. If you're new to this technique, watch my video tutorial.

Have a wonderful weekend! I'll be doing a bit of work this weekend and preparing for my trip to London and Artesano Academy in Berkshire next week (I'll be there teaching Lace Improvers, Selbu Mittens and Fair Isle/Steeking) as well as spending some time with Emily and of course, knitting.

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Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Coming up!

I've got a very busy couple of weeks coming up. Next week I'm off to Berkshire to teach another three classes at the Artesano Academy. I had a great time teaching there in January so I'm looking forward to going back. In fact, I'll be teaching there every month this year except for August (I'm taking a break from teaching for the whole of August).

I've finally started to add this year's workshops to my website. It's such a time consuming job and I've still got lots more to add. But if you're interested in the Artesano classes you can see them all here. I'm teaching some classes several times so if you click on one of my classes, you can see all the different dates I'll be teaching that class this year.

My passport runs out next month and because I'm Norwegian, renewing my passport is a little bit more complicated. In the past, I've had to go to the Honorary Consul in Plymouth to renew my passport but they've changed things and I need to go to the Norwegian Embassy in London. If I lived in Norway, I could just go to my local police station which I actually considered doing when I was in Norway in November but I only had 3 working days there (4 days in total) so didn't want to waste 1/2 day sorting my passport out. 

So on Tuesday next week, I'm getting the early train to London, rushing off to the Norwegian embassy. As I'll be travelling to Reading on Wednesday I thought I might as well stay in London for a night which gives me a day and a half to enjoy London. I quite enjoy travelling to London on my own as it means I can do whatever I like. I'm planning some shopping in Covent Garden (probably mainly window shopping) and Liberty/Carnaby Street area as well as a trip to Wild & Woolly, Loop an hopefully the V&A Museum if I have time.

Thursday, Friday and Saturday I'll be at the Artesano Academy starting with Lace Improvers on Thursday. This class is perfect if you've done a little bit of lace knitting and want to take it to the next level. We'll cover topics such as provisional cast on, reading lace charts, adding beads, lace knitting on both right and wrong side rows, knitted on edgings and more. In the morning, we'll practice a few techniques and in the afternoon, you'll get a chance to cast on for a shawl from a selection of patterns I'll be bringing with me.

On Friday, we're knitting Norwegian Selbu mittens. In this class you'll learn fair isle knitting techniques, how to knit continental so you can do fair isle knitting with a colour in each hand, the correct way to strand the yarn, how to read colour work charts, knitting in the round, and how to knit and shape Selbu mittens. Selbu mittens are traditional Norwegian mittens from a village called Selbu, which is near where I was born. We'll knit a little practice mitten in the class and you'll get a pattern to take home. Even if you don't fancy knitting Selbu mittens, this class will teach you a lot about knitting fair isle in the round.

I'll be teaching my Selbu Mittens class at Spin A Yarn in Devon in February too. 

On Saturday, I'm teaching what looks like it may be my most popular class this year, Fair Isle Knitting and Steeking. I'll be teaching this at three different locations this year. This class is already full so Artesano have added another date in March and more later on in the year.

'Rambling Rose' from Let's Knit 100

Artesano has a useful calendar of events here and then you can click through to each class for more information and to book. 

The following week, it's time for Unravel. This is my second year at UnravelI loved it last year so I'm really excited about this year. The show is over three days: Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Last year, Saturday was busiest. This year I'm teaching my brand new class, Beaded Lace Knitting, on Sunday afternoon. I think the class is full but contact Unravel if you're interested as they may have a waiting list.

Last year's Unravel Stall

On my stall, I'll have yarn, patterns, books, shawl pins, beads, crochet hooks (for adding beads) and hopefully a few kits. I was only allocated a small stall so we'll see how much I have room for. Look out for the Yarn In The City stall and the brand new book: London Craft Guide (there' a pre-order offer on now) which has a pattern by me in it. More on that soon.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Octavia & a special offer

Octavia is a beautiful fingerless mittens and shawl that is the perfect matching winter accessory set. Beads add a touch of glamour (the beads are added using the crochet hook method). The shawl has an intricate lace panel running down the centre which adds shoulder shaping and helps the shawl sit nicely on the shoulder. This lace is repeated on the fingerless mittens.

I decided to design this set because I wanted a new shawl and fingerless mittens set to match my new winter coat. I had the Countess Ablaze Tia Merino in my stash and I loved the colours. I was also getting keen to use the Regia Tweed for something and thought it might be a good match. And I was right, I love it! I finished this before Christmas and I've been wearing it ever since.

I decided I wanted a version to keep for show display and chose two colours of Navia Duo. The Navia Duo has a bit more structure than the Tia Merino but it softens when you block it (just soak it in a good quality wool wash or a tiny bit of fabric conditioner before blocking) and wearing.

Octavia is worked from the top down and starts with a garter tab which is perfect for this kind of shawl. There are lots of garter tab tutorials online and I'm hoping to record my own tutorial next week. The pattern does include full instructions though.  The shawl is worked all in one piece and finishes with a beaded lace edging. 

The centre panel has a more intricate lace pattern with beads and the same lace pattern is used for the fingerless mittens, which come in two sizes.

Octavia is 25% off until 15 February 2016. No coupon code needed. If you're a newsletter subscriber, do check your newsletter as there's a bigger discount for you. If you'd like to knit this set in Navia Duo, buy 4 balls of Navia Duo from the YarnAddict Shop and get the pattern free as a pdf download. The coupon code for the free pattern download will be sent in your dispatch e-mail.

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Thursday, January 28, 2016


It's been a busy two weeks. I've had 6 design deadlines in two weeks. I didn't do all the knitting myself. I'm fortunate to have some wonderful sample knitters to help me out but I did knit two samples myself. However, I do all the finishing for the samples myself, so that includes any sewing up, button bands, collars, other edgings etc. Some of these little details can be time consuming. I quiet enjoy it though. I didn't use to enjoy finishing tasks but as I've become more competent at it and quicker it's changed how I feel about it. It's the finishing details that quite often pull the project together. Did you know that I teach a Finishing School For Hand-Knitters as an online class? You can take this class at any time. All you need is internet access and a computer, laptop or tablet. The classes are a mix of videos and pdfs and I show you everything you need to know about finishing and sewing up your hand-knits. You can do the class in your own time and at your own pace. Get more details and sign up here.

All this deadline knitting and finishing means there's been less time to work on existing wips but I've managed to add a few rounds on my Debbie Bliss Fine Donegal poncho. I'm going to London in about 10 days and I'd love to finish this before I go so I can wear it. I'm planning to work on it for a set period every day to try to achieve this.

Every time I finish a project, I'm itching to cast on something new, even if I have other projects that need finishing. I've been dreaming about this yarn from Oslo Micro Dyery (which is a Norwegian indie dyer based in Oslo - near where I grew up) for a week or so. I've been going over various design ideas in my head. Earlier this week I decided to wind the yarn up. I knitted a little swatch to see if my idea might work. It did, so I couldn't resist casting on. I'm loving the yarn, singles pure merino yarn, and the pattern so much that this has been my number 1 knitting this week. However, I do need to finish the Debbie Bliss poncho so I'm trying to keep this project on the back burner a bit.

What's on your needles this week? Do you keep multiple projects on the go? Or are you a monogamous knitter?

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