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Monday, June 26, 2006

More felting
Finished two more bags today. Both ne w designs that I've made over the weekend. One I started on Sunday and finished it this morning. It's a mitret stripes tote knitted in Kureyon. Chose a gorgeous colour with red, pink, purple and lots of other colours. Look fab. Keeping that one for myself.
Also finished a smaller bag knitted in black Cascade 220 and Firefly. Not had much success with novelty yarns before but this one looks good. Felted great too. Both bags are drying now so will post a picture tomorrow.
Only thing with Kureyon is that it does go a bit fuzzy when felted. Got a defuzzer from Betterware and it 's fab.
Have tried to do some more work on my sock tonight but it's not good for my neck and I'm in enough pain as it is at the moment. So only did a few rows. The carried on with my jumper design in Noro Blossom. Will be interesting to see how it turns out as I'm making it up as Igo along. Got a pic in my head of how I want it to look. Don't even know if I have enough wool.
Also got a great idea for a shawl in some other Blossom I've got. Want to start that one too now. Too many projects and not enough time. Really need to get cracking on socks and handwarmers, scarves, hats and shawls etc for the craft stall at our church's Bible Week in August. It's a week long residential/camping Christian week and the stall will be open around lunctime and every evening. Want to do some other stuff than just bags to sell.
Want to try to get my stuff sold in galleries and shops too. Off on holiday soon so got excuse to put off approaching shops/galleries until we get back. Not looking forward to it. But may be a good way of selling my stuff without making all the effort myself.
Been looking at Hipknits tonight. It's gorgeous. Tempted to get some of their sock yarn. Think it would make great handwarmers as well as socks. But better wait. Think I ordered some Lorna's Laces from the US which is due to arrive any day now.
Off to type up two patterns now. They're for the bags I finished earlier. Will be available for purchase on my website,, soon.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Wish I coud make my mind up.

Lol. I've redesigned my website and can't decide whether or not to keep blogging on there or carry on on here. Think i may do both fora while. Got tons to do today. Doing a craft sale at Waterfront Pub, the Hoe, Plymouth tomorrow lunchtime. And got all my stuff to sort out. Finished some bags yesterday so got to do magnetic clasps and buttons today. Want to photgraph them for my website too. Got price lists to do. Labels for the items for sale. And sorting out my homemade business cards.

Don't know why I'm on here really. Just waiting for my hair colour to develop. Used that as an excuse to get online for a bit. Nearly done now so better go and wash it off.

Hopefully back with photos later.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

New blog

I have now moved my blog to where you can also find my patterns and bags for sale. Look forward to seeing you there.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Another lot of finished bags....

All bags will be available on my website soon and some of the patterns will be available for purchase soon too.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Went to Royal Cornwall Shop yesterday. It was a hot and sunny day and a great day out. Bought a beautiful lilac glass necklace. Wish I'd bought some more jewellery as it was so beatiful. The Craft tenst were fab. Wonder how much it would cost to have a stall there. Maybe I'll look into it for my knitting for next year. Was thinking of trying to get a stall at our local in July but it's the day after we get back from holiday so I think now. May look into whether or not they have any knitting classes though to show my knitting off.

Still beautiful and hot and sunny down here. Got a bit sunburnt on my shoulders yesterday though so got to be careful today. Used high SPF but obvously not careful enough.

Also saw some beautiful Alpacas yesterday and was very tempted by some alpaca wool. ONe shop had some great colours but no cheaper than shops and the other stall I found was quite expensive. So I came back with no wool. But I've been browsing Ebay this morning for some Noro Kureyon. If anyone can recommend some Ebay sellers than sell Kureyon please let me know. Also thinking of knitting a sweater in Noro Blossom. Saw this in a wool shop in Exeter last week and it looked beautiful. Just got to find a pattern first. Although I've just ordered two Sweater Design books from Amazon so maybe I can design my own. I know exactly what I'd love to do. But Blossom is a bit expensive for experimenting so got to get the design right first.

Also tempted to enter Knitter Tea pot cosy competition. But will keep my ideas under wraps for now.

Also working on a brand new website design and maybe changing the name of my site. getting close to getting my patterns typed up. Done most of them now and I'm planning to get some photos done today. And get the patterns finished and ready for sale. Also thinking of writing to some online knitting retailers and knitting mags to see if they will stock/publish my patterns. Fingers crossed.

Didn't do much knitting yesterday just a bit in the evenig, so can't wait to get going with it this morning. Shattered from yesterday and in agony with my neck and back so may not get much knitting done today. Going for a massage later this morning though so hopefully that should ease the pain.

Enjoy your knitting.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Great day in Exeter

Got up very early this morning to get kids up and get ready to leave at 6.45am. Dropped girls off at inlaws and went to Exeter with hubby as he had an exam today. Dropped him off at uni and went on into town. Got there before the shops opened. Spent a lovely couple of hours browsing the shops, finishing at Inspirations, Exeters yarn store. Got some Kureyon (shade 153) and some knitting needles. Walked over to Cathedral Green stopping off at Thorntons to buy an icecream. Found a bench outside cathedral and spent a lovely half an hour knitting in the sunshine. It was perfect. Lots people around too. A few peoople stopped to comment on how lovely it was to see someone knitting. One of them was the very elderly lady sitting next to me on the bench. Then when hubby finished his exam and had walked in to town to find me, we went off to Wetherspoons and sat outside in the shade and had a lovely lunch.

We wanted to make aday off it, so went on down to the quayside (Haven Banks) and had a lovely, long walk along the canal. Lots of people strolling, riding bikes and kayakking. Hubby had a look at kayaks too as he's hoping to buy one soon. I enjoyed the walk but was relieved to get back to the car as my feet were killing me. Had several spots were my sandals were rubbing me and one very painful blister. Shame really as it stopped me enjoying the walk as much as I would have done. Also, after all the walking around shops I was in a lot of pain with my neck and back and walking was painful.

Absolutely shattered when we got home. Picked girls up at inlaws on the way home and spent an hour or so sitting in the sun in their garden and eating a lovely cake. Now I'm shattered and off to knit for half an hour before going to bed. Nearly half way through the Kureyon bag that I started before lunch in Exeter.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Summer finally here

YEAH summer is finally here. Been gorgeous and sunny down here in Cornwall last two days. Had a great few hours on the beach with the girls yesterday. Didn't go near the water though as even in mid summer it's too cold for me. The girls tried going in the river but it was too cold. Need to get them some wet suits. But I did get some knitting done.
Have finished another bag today. It's a tall round Cascade bag with a trim around the top and a nice handle. Nearly finished first wash, but probably need to do another one. Normally do with Cascade. Will post a pic tomorrow.

Ordered some new patterns today from Kntiwhits, can't wait to have a go at them. Also getting some Noro patterns and some patterns from Got an order form The Natural Dye studio on Ebay. Some of it is cotton chenille which I'm planning to knit a scarf out of. Also some green wool for another bag.

Must get around to typing up some of my patterns next week when kids are back at school. And put them on my website. Got some great new patterns knitted up.

Off to Exeter tomorrow and planning to visit a knitting shop called Inspirations. Have seen it advertised in Knitting and Simply Knitting mags and the ad looks good. The wool shop in our town is a bit dull. I'd love to have a great, modern yarn store nearby. Or even open one myself one day....... off to do some daydreaming now!!!!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Help needed from Blogging experts!!!

Wouldlike to make my blog look more interesting. Would love to post a gallery of photos donw the left hand column and some links on the right hand side, but can't work out how to do it. Havn'et got a clue about any technical web stuff. Anyone got any tips they can share? Is what I want to do possible? Is anyone reading my blog? Probably not. LOL. Never mind. LOL.

Taking my girls to beach today. It's not hot here but nice and sunny and I thought it would be a good way of getting dog walked and the girls will probably enjoy playing on the beach for a bit. Taking a picnic. Not sure whether or not to take myknitting. Don't want it covered in sand. Taking a comfy sun loungers to sit on so could just sleep in the sun or risk bringing my knitting. Will let you know later how much sand gets stuck in it. LOL.